Performance/Product based Assessment

There’s been a lot of confusion regarding the construction of the Performance – Oriented Assessment and the Product Based Assessment. Confusion starts with the lack of understanding with regards to the definition and application of these two authentic assessments.

When we say Performance Oriented Assessment, we refer to the type of assessment that mainly focuses on the ability of the students/learners to arrive or produce or demonstrate their own learning.

So, this means that if the learning task is to “write a poem” or “write a book review” or solve a mathematical problem or come up with a basic building plan, the teacher will focus on how the learner produced or conducted the learning task.

The teacher will assess the student/learner based on the skill acquired, so in the case of writing a poem, the criterion would be “displayed skillful ability to compose an original poem” and “displayed ability to rhyme the words“.

In these assessment, you are focusing on the skills of the learner in coming up with a Poem.

While in the Product-Oriented Assessment, you are focusing on the  product your learner was able to come up with. In this case, ” Writing a Poem” , so your criterion would be ” organization of the poem” , ” poem contain 3 stanza” , ” correct grammar ” , ” appropriate use of words and rhymes “, “contains 150 words”.

As you  might have observed, we are focusing on the poem itself and not on the learner. This is what product oriented assessment is all about.

Now, the way to assess this is through a RUBRIC.

And lastly, a single learning task can be assessed with both product – oriented and Process – oriented . I suggest you use the learning task you are using for your Process Oriented Assessment for you Product – Oriented Assessment, in this case, you will be able to construct your own assessment easily and better appreciate Both type of Assessments. Same learning tasks can also be used for your Affective Assessment.

(The goal here is to enable Education students to be able to deeply understand the concept of Performance Assessment in support with the Paradigm Shift of Education and in line with the NCBTS to create a Globally Competent Filipino Teachers for the 21st Century. The presentations in the slideshare page is only to serve as a MODEL in constructing your own Assessment Plan.  Please do not copy it for your Field Study. )

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