Bloggers’ Choice Special Awards

I would like to announce that i have signified my intention to join the Bloggers’ Choice Special Awards (for National and Mindanao Categories) which is a category of the Philippine Blog Awards.

I am not aware of the criteria of the awards, so i gave it a shot hoping the blog would be chosen by the most prestigious Blog Awards in the Philippines.

This blog is not as fancy in design like some other blogs, because my focus is the Content and its Organization. I’m doing my best to emphasize the content than the blog itself.

My blog does not advertise to generate profit nor asks for any donation (  If you insist, Please give it to the Red Cross 🙂  ) from the readers, this is purely non-profit for intellectual venue for teachers and education students.

I have been reading Pinoy blogs for many years but I haven’t seen any serious blogging that is purely intellectual in nature. Most of the blogs i’ve seen are more of celebrity news, travel, food, and personal in nature, of course this generates traffic. Blogs like this one i believe merits an award because of its uniqueness in terms of genre and content. This type of blog is not a popular blog, my average visitor in a day is just 30. But i persevere because at the outset i knew that this blog caters only for a very selective group of audience; the teachers and education students.

The contents of my blog mainly focuses on topics that are of importance to today’s educational system. Bringing across the message right to those who are in the forefront of the battlelines, our brave teachers.

With the Paradigm Shift of Education (transforming filipino students to become sensitive to the challenges of our country and become part of the solution to it) , spreading the message through cyberspace is of utmost value.  Thus, this blog is a contributor to the Seismic Shift of our Society. Blog writing is not just a hobby for me, it is a social obligation to at least in any way contribute to the reform we wanted to see in our country.

To the readers, i would like to ask your support through comments to help win this award.

To the Philippine Blog Awards, my heartfelt thanks and gratitude for including me in the final list for the “2009 bloggers choice awards (national & mindano category). I hope i would make it to victory 🙂




4 thoughts on “Bloggers’ Choice Special Awards

  1. Hopia says:

    Daddy! ahehehe..♥ I like your letter!

    True enough! This blog is not like any ordinary one.. It caters the interest of the people who wanted to have a real society transformation through a Radical Paradigm shift which will first take place in the School where the citizens are expected to be trained properly!
    God Bless yah!! gogogogo!!!

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