Show Portfolio in the Field Study

After some interruptions on my Education Focused blogging, i’m now going back to my normal schedule and topics.

For those working on their Show Portfolio, i’m posting these sample to give you some assistance in your construction of your Show Portfolio.

Basically, your show portfolio, is just just an ordinary Lesson Plan. The only difference with an ordinary lesson plan is that, it is not following the typical format of lesson plans.


Learning Objective:

To be able to design and draw one simple school building using only prism and parallelogram.

(Your lesson Objective should be the same with the one you used in your construction of Performance Oriented Assessment. it is also based in mayer objective.)


  • Pencil Ruler
  • 30 x 60 triangle or protractor
  • Drawing sheet

General Performance Task:

To design and draw one simple school building using only the prism and parallelogram figures.

(taking cues from your Lesson Objective, construct your General Performance Task)

Learning Episodes:   (what activities will your students do? it must be in sequence.)

  • Drawing an isometric sketch of a given a perspective of prism and parallelogram which includes top, front and side views.
  • Design and draw your own plan for the school building based on the figures provided.
  • Design and draw an interior for your planned school building.
  • Draw a blueprint for the planned school building.

Assessment Task: ( these are the criteria for you assessment.)

  • Demonstrate correct drawing of the isometric sketch.
  • Drawn plan for the school building using the prism and parallelogram figures provided.
  • Clear interior plan for the school building.
  • Blueprint which includes planned school building perspective, isometric sketch and interior plan.

For a complete sample,  visit

Keep Yourselves updated!

Thats all for now folks!



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